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Stop Worrying and Start Living Teleclass

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"It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time.�"

-Sir Winston Churchill

12 Weeks of Coaching that will radically change your life!

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Why choose group coaching?

Because you finally want to feel better, live each day to the fullest, and share with a group of other amazing people

As a group coaching program participant, you will:

  • learn to stop feeling sad and/or lonely
  • increase your self confidence
  • find new friends who accept you
  • stop comparing yourself to other men
  • improve your body shape and size
  • start to like the person you see in the mirror
  • integrate changes that last
  • experience consistent good health and a great life
coaching "Before I worked with Robert in the Coaching Program, I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks that seemed to come from nowhere. I felt like I had no control, and was unhappy. My work and my relationships were suffering. I was very stressed and wasn't sure what to do. While working in my coaching program, I learned techniques to effectively deal with my stress.
I also learned how to make take time for myself, to eat better and have energy all day. During this process, my panic attacks completely disappeared. My friends were amazed. Ultimately, what I got out of the program were real life techniques that actually work. I am now more confident, much happier, and a lot healthier. I can handle whatever comes my way, and am in control of my life. My life no longer controls me."

Christian Mitchell,
Artistic Director / Fashion

Bonus: You are part of an accepting community of like-minded, supportive people who share your passion for developing a better life, and who understand what you are all about!

It doesn't take years of counseling, it  just takes the right methods combined with your willingness and our support.

The 12 Week Group Coaching Program Includes:

  • 12 Weeks of thought-provoking education and action oriented tele-seminars that guide you, step-by-step, to have a happier life and a healthier body. You will finish the program with a lifetime of tools to continue your improvements day in and out!  These hour-long calls will also be recorded, so you can listen to them again at your convenience.
  • Pages of detailed handouts and worksheets � resource materials, action planning, self assessment, relationship skills, healthier eating guides, community resources and self development tools.  All easily accessible through the internet.  You�ll be given adequate time to complete these worksheets between coaching calls.
  • Bonus intensive support calls.  These four additional calls provide you an open forum to ask questions specific to you and your concerns and receive additional support from the call leader and  coaching program participants. 
  • A program buddy  who will be your partner and support person during the 12 week journey to creating the life you've always imagined.
  • Free participation in all in-person conferences and teleclasses. You can also bring guests!
  • Online coaching forum that allows you to directly connect with other group members, to ask your specific questions, receive support on personal issues, and support other like minded people!  And all from the comfort of your own home, 24 hours a day!

The next program begins:

Fall 2010, stay tuned!

Enroll Now

* During your group coaching program, you learn to independently handle your concerns and improve your life.

* You will complete your coaching with all of the tools,  knowledge and confidence to effectively manage your life and continue to reach your goals. 

* Plus, you'll have a new group of life-long friends!

Your coaching program includes all you need to make lasting changes in your life. 

Click this button to request an initial consultation with Robert, to discuss your goals and how the Group Coaching Program can support you towards building a better life.

Click here to learn more about Personal Coaching.

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