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How To Create A Lasting Relationship Workshop

coming soon
"It is a mistake to look too far ahead. Only one link in the chain of destiny can be handled at a time."

-Sir Winston Churchill

Life Changing Workshops

Don't miss the opportunity to learn how to build your life from the inside out with Robert, live and in person! These workshops are a fun and informative forum for the discussion of better living. The presentation is an interactive approach, to facilitate active learning and individual empowerment.  This allows you to participate in discussion and interact with others through various exercises and brainstorming.  You also receive valuable giveaways to further your knowledge after the workshops.

Upcoming Live Workshops

Stop Worrying and Start Living

When: Coming this summer!

coming soon

Workshop Description:

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • how to control your negative thoughts
  • to reduce your anxiety
  • stop letting your fears get the best of you
  • build your confidence and self esteem
  • to stop comparing yourself to others

Do you spend a lot of time worrying about your life? Do you focus too much on your problems? If so, this workshop is for you. Too often, we stress ourselves out worrying about the future, wondering what will happen next, or fretting about the past. This creates anxiety, poor health, and unhealthy relationships. This workshop will teach you how to stop worrying and start creating more of the things in life you deserve. You'll learn tools to break out of these negative patterns, and how to move forward to reach your goals. The event will provide easy-to-implement steps you can start using right away!

Workshop fee: $10. RSVP requested.   COMING SOON.

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Additional Workshop Topics

The following interactive workshops are presented at various locations around the Continental United States.  The standard length is 1.5 hours per workshop.  This may be adjusted, however, depending on the needs of the participants and facility.  Additionally, workshops can be presented in a comprehensive series to fully address all areas of nutrition and lifestyle improvement.

Would you like your own customized workshop?

If you are interested in having Robert present these workshops for your organization, social service organization, community group, or networking event, please click the Book Robert button below to fill out a request form, and receive additional information. 

Workshop Topics and Descriptions 

  • Creating A Healthy & Happy Life

    Feeling great doesn't have to be a challenge any longer, and it doesn't require some radical change in life, or yet another "self help" fad.  It just takes learning the right information and setting up an action plan for success!  Participants learn the Top 10 Tips for creating a life you love, to help you find permanent fulfillment in all that you do, including career, relationships, pastimes, exercise, leisure and self-care.

    This workshop also explores the principles of healthy eating and includes discussion of many topics from carbohydrates, protein and fat, to staying healthy at work, eating on the run, healthy snacking, and enhancing energy.  Attendees learn how to make simple, step-by-step improvements that they actually enjoy.

    Participants will also develop a comprehensive understanding of how lifestlye choices can improve health and empower us in our day-to-day lives.  Additionally, stress reduction and relaxation techniques are presented, including the three minute "de-stress" technique.  The workshop offers easily integrated recommendations for lasting results.

  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety

    We constantly encounter life challenges, including workplace demands, our changing bodies, life issues and health concerns.  Change (also called "stress"), though it often facilitates learning in the long run, is not always easily handled.  It requires effective tools to ease transitions and lesson challenges.  This workshop teaches participants about stress: how to recognize it, where it comes from, how we hold it in our bodies and minds, and the ways it affects us on all levels.  Participants learn new ways to handle these stressors, including breathing techniques, body movement, energy enhancing foods, time management, tips for better sleep, and other effective whole body methods.

  • Creating Healthy Relationships

    Creating a great relationship requires getting clear on who you are and what you desire. As you become conscious about what you truly want in a relationship, and the type of person you want to meet, you will find your ideal partner. Often times, we look for a relationship because we are unhappy, and simply want anyone who can temporarily make us feel better. A relationship, however, is meant to complement your life and enhance it.

    This workshop focuses on finding, developing, and maintaining quality relationships. It presents simple and effective ways to actually find your ideal partner, how to recognize who is right for you and what qualities you seek, and how to develop an action plan for relationship success. Additionally we explore various topics including building interpersonal skills, dating tips, and communication. This powerful workshop will help you realize what it means to create a relationship that truly fulfills you.

  • Self Esteem Building

    Too often, we rely on outside sources for our joy and fulfillment, including relationships, food, substances, addictive behaviors or other habitual actions. True happines, however, is cultivated from within. This workshop guides participants towards greater self acceptance and self esteem. It includes detailed discussion, unique exercises, and group interaction.

    You will begin to recognize patterns of self doubt and low self esteem, and how to stop them in their tracks. In turn, you'll change false beliefs and negative thoughts into more supportive words and actions, for a happier life. The workshop provides easy-to-implement tools for everyday life to reduce the self doubt and negative thinking that keeps you feeling stuck!

  • Maximizing Your Energy

    Food and lifestyle effect our energy levels and mood.  They either drain us, and leave us feeling depleted, or they energize us, providing both the life fuel and force to keep us alert and effective. In this workshop, we explore which foods and life choices energize us, and which deplete us. Participants learn about healthy and fun alternatives for creating and maintaining an energized life.  Additionally, the workshop presents simple stretching techniques and breathing exercises for the home and office, to increase energy and reduce stress.

  • Understanding Cravings

    Why do we crave sugar, caffeine, nicotine, or other less than nourishing substances? Typically, these cravings are a signal from the body that something is not in balance.  The body knows best, and will often cause "cravings" for different foods or even certain habitual activities, to restore equilibrium or temporarily ease stress.  By first understanding where our cravings come from, we can then begin to listen to body signals and eventually  make more healthful choices to restore balance.  This workshop explores the causes of various cravings and presents ways to naturally lessen unhealthy influences.

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